Refill Castor Oil Pack Compress

$45.97 USD

“My naturopath had me start castor oil packs using flannel as the pack. It was such a pain and so messy. This pack has made life so much easier. I do this pack nightly and don't have to fiddle around with flannel and plastic wrap.” – Anita D, Queen of the Thrones® fan.

Say goodbye to messy DIY castor oil packs of the past. This carefully designed, organic cotton sherpa pack was made to be heat-less, less-mess & reusable. When your well-loved compress is ready to be replaced or you just want 2 on hand, look no further… This treatment that was once a pain is now simple, cleaner, & feels like a warm hug! Made with an inner layer of organic cotton sherpa & an outer layer of eco & health-friendly polyurethane.

For only $15 more you can get the Castor Oil Pack Bundle which includes a compress & a 500ml (16.9 oz) bottle of organic castor oil (regularly $29.97)!

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Customer Reviews

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Linda Smith
Years of constipation…coming under control

Correcting a bad situation will take time—it started so long ago and I can’t see overnight correction happening. ˜But…it is coming…bit by bit. I was surprised how quickly I began to see results. I am impressed1

good product

The castor oil pack makes the use of castor as a compress so much easier with much less mess.

Lauren S
Best self-care product ever!

I absolutely love my castor oil liver replacement pack. I use the liver pack most nights, and this is my first replacement. I couldn't be happier!


Since using the castor oil pack, I have experienced much better rest at night!

Lisa Peterson
Feeling less anxious

I have experienced several things from using the pack one being a deep sleep and less anxiety. With all that is happening in our world right now I can count on the oil to sooth my nerves at night and wake refreshed from a deep sleep.